Cloud First

An Enterprise Cloud  First stack that helps customers manage risk, compliance and governance on data and data infrastructure.
Specifically, it helps customers manage third party cloud infrastructure with confidence and  ease.

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Key Offerings

  • Forensics & Audit , covers everything from infrastructure monitoring, evidence management, regulatory compliance and security

  • Security and Encryption leverages our patented secure key management  and encryption/decryption

  • Secure Storage is our proprietary layer that makes data storage secure, distributed, tamper resistant and fault tolerant

Infinitely Scalable

Powered by a third generation enterprise grade blockchain stack and our proprietary layers  that make it better, stronger and faster, our core architecture provides a modular approach to solving some of  the most challenging problems.

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Core modules

  • Modular approach to building products, specific to enterprise needs ranging from startups to large corporates and governments

  • API driven approach for quick integration into key apps lowering overall cost, time and complexity


Enterprise customers


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Zebi : India’s First, and largest full stack blockchain company

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