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ETH to ZPB swap instructions

Procedure to Swap Zebi Tokens from Ethereum (ZCO) to Zebi Public Blockchain (ZEBI)
* Token Swap from Ethereum (ZCO) to Zebi Public Blockchain (ZEBI) has started on 29th Aug, 2019 at 9:00 AM UTC and will be closed on 27th Nov, 2019 at 9:00 AM UTC.


  • Ethereum to Zebi Mainnet is one-way swap. Once swapped, you cannot swap the Zebi Mainnet tokens back to ERC20 ZCO tokens.
  • ERC20 symbol is ZCO and Zebi Public Blockchain symbol is ZEBI.
  • Complete the swap procedure to swap ZCOs to the new Zebi tokens within 90 days after Zebi Public Blockchain (Mainnet) launch. The remaining ZCO balance in your Ethereum account will be burnt after the time limit and you will incur loss.
  • Swapping of the same Ethereum address to multiple Zebi Public Blockchain addresses is not allowed.
  • All ZCO ERC20 tokens will be swapped to ZEBI tokens at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Zebi needs to collect the KYC data for the Zebi Public Blockchain addresses. Multiple Ethereum addresses swapping to the same Zebi Public Blockchain address is not allowed.
  • For Security Precautions refer here.
  • For any query or assistance, email to tokenmigration.support@zebi.io.

Instructions to Swap

Users who have their tokens in exchange wallet have to follow additional steps mentioned in this doc before proceeding further.

See the following sample instructions for a ZCO holder swapping 140 ERC20 ZCOs to 140 ZEBI tokens. You can follow the same instructions replacing 140 with the actual number of ZCOs that you want to swap.


  1. If you have not done the KYC in the past, complete the procedure using Zebi’s KYC Registration Portal for your Ethereum account that holds ZCOs (say EPK0). If you are not sure about your KYC status, login to Zebi’s KYC Registration Portal and check the status.
    See the KYC app instructions for the ZCO holders for more information.
    Note: Ensure that your KYC process is complete before proceeding to the next step.


  1. If you do not have an account on Zebi Public Blockchain, sign up for a new account using the Zebi Wallet (say with public key ZPK0).


  1. Complete the following steps using the bridge software:
      • Visit the Zebi Public Blockchain bridge software link: https://tokenswap.zebichain.com
      • In the From field, select ERC20 ZCO from the drop-down menu and select ZPB ZEBI in the To field
      • Click Next.

Figure 1: ZCO Migration Bridge

  • Enter your Ethereum account address in the Ethereum Account Address field (EPKO) and Zebi Public Blockchain address in the Zebi Account Address field (ZPKO) in the bridge software UI. See Figure 2 for reference.
  • Click Next.

Figure 2: Ethereum and ZPB Addresses

      • Upon submitting the account information, the bridge software will instruct you to transfer the ZCOs to a specific Ethereum address (say EPK1).
    1. Transfer the ZCOs from EPK0 to EPK1 on Ethereum Blockchain. For this transfer, you will incur a small amount of gas fee. Please note that you could permanently lose the ZCOs, if you transfer them to a wrong address (other than the address (EPK1) given to you by the bridge software).


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Figure 3: Transfer the ZCOs to a Specific Ethereum Address

    1. Once you transfer the ZCOs to the swap address (EPK1), visit the bridge software link again and click Next from the previous step. Zebi bridge software verifies your transaction and the same amount will be transferred to your ZPB account address (ZPK0).


    1. Transfer transactions will be submitted in queue and processed in a batch, After few minutes verify that your ZPB account (ZPK0) Zebi token (ZEBI) balance increases by 140 or by the same no. of tokens that you have transferred. Transaction time varies between 30 seconds and 10 minutes,it also depends upon traffic. Transaction time varies between 30 seconds and 10 minutes,it also depends upon traffic. For security reasons, limited token balance is kept in the swap software accounts and balance is replenished regularly. So if your transaction is swapping high quantity that happens to be more than current balance of respective swap account, it remains in the queue waiting for balance replenishment. After the next replenishment, it goes through automatically.


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Figure 4: Transaction Submission

    1. Once equivalent Zebi tokens (ZEBI) are credited to your Zebi Public Blockchain account successfully, the ZCOs that you transferred to your Ethereum swap address will be burnt in a subsequent batch process. This is done to ensure that the total circulating supply of ERC20 ZCOs on Ethereum and ZPB Zebi tokens (ZEBI) on Zebi Public Blockchain is constant.

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