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New Binance Account

Instructions to create new Binance account

Complete the following steps to create a new wallet on Binance chain using the bridge software.

You can also create a new wallet directly on Binance (https://www.binance.org/en/create)


  1. Click the Token Swap bridge software link: https://tokenswap.zebichain.com/
  2. Click Create one on the main bridge UI to create a new wallet on Binance.
    The Create New Wallet screen is displayed.
  1. On the Create New Wallet screen (step 1 of 4), set a new password in the Password field.
    Please save the password securely. The password along with the Keystore file will unlock the wallet on Binance.
  1. Re-enter the password in the Re-enter Password field.
  2. Select the check box to accept the terms and conditions.
  3. Click Download Keystore file.
    The Keystore file is downloaded on your system (step 2 of 4). Save the file securely.
  1. On the next Create New Wallet screen (step 3 of 4), the 24-word mnemonic phrase is displayed. Save it in the correct order on a piece of paper and secure it in a safe place. It can also be used to unlock your wallet in case the Keystore file and the password is lost.
  2. Click Continue.
  3. On the next Create New Wallet screen (step 4 of 4), select the mnemonic phrase in the correct order to ensure that your copy is correct.
  4. Click Validate.
    A new screen is displayed with the message that you have completed the procedure to create a new wallet. Your Binance account number is displayed on the screen. Save it for a future reference.
  1. Click Done.
    You have successfully created a new wallet on Binance chain now.