Manage data risks, a whole new way

Zebi Secure Cloud is a set of tools that act as a layer that significantly enhances the security and governance over data and data infrastructure. Built using our proprietary blockchain IP, the benefits are unparallelled.

Forensics & Audit

Our Micronode acts as a flight recorder on a machine preserving critical data that is useful in  forensics and fraud prevention.

  • Guaranteed tamper resistance for critical evidence, files  and logs, across IT infrastructure

  • Integrated with SIEM or within the cloud infrastructure, or as an API

Identity and Credential Management

A hybrid credential management solution built  to providing a high security and fraud-resistance.

  • Immutable records and completely fraud resistant credentials, with a public verification API

  • Deployed a  a fully digital, as well as a hybrid solution incorporating highly secure hardware oracles

Encryption & Key Management

A distributed key management method, that eliminates the risk of compromise of keys

  • Decentralized and moving target makes it impossible to compromise keys on the server

  • Can be deployed as a layer, or bundled as a keyless Encryption as a Service module

Secure & Distributed Storage

A  storage layer API provides the ability to store data in a WORM mode, utilizing space across the infrastructure

  • Provides low cost and secure storage for archivals and backups

  • Enables utilization of unused space across the IT organization

Key Benefits

ZSC brings the power of blockchain to the enterprize cloud, with a range of benefits across organizations.


Make sure that in case of a security event, you have clear recourse both as a data owner, and as a service provider

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The very fact that such systems have oversight is known to increase compliance within organizations

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Remote Work

Manage and monitor devices and infrastructure in remote work situations, including remote hardware and apps

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ZSC can also leverage its monitoring capability into a productivity tool across the systems in an organisation

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Dev Ops

Use application error log analysis for enhanced dev ops management, apart from regular deviations

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IT Policy

Machine learning for log analysis, and flag suspicious activities in real time. Alerts system that learns based on intelligence from various security events

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