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Zebi Public Blockchain

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Zebi Public Blockchain

Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB) is a multi-asset blockchain platform that is designed for organizations and enterprises to secure and tamper-proof their sensitive digital assets. ZPB platform is built on Cosmos SDK which in turn is built on Tendermint core.


ZPB comprises of in-house built additional modules in Cosmos SDK. It also provides data hashing, validation, verification services, and the core blockchain technology services through REST APIs.


These services allow external third party applications (called ZApps) to be easily built for any type of data and vertical using blockchain technologies. Any enterprises and individuals can easily develop their specific ZApps and blockchain their core business data using ZPB.


ZPB platform also uses the Cosmos Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol with a governance mechanism for the de-centralization of the nodes.


Zebi is a blockchain company and it issues the utility tokens and not cryptocurrency. Zebi tokens (ZEBI) will be used as utility tokens for performing the transactions on Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB).


ZPB platform is live now! To learn more about Zebi Public Blockchain, visit https://zpb.zebi.io/